You’re probably considering which sales funnel builder is the right fit for your business because you know that a sales funnel is essential for your business. Good thing because we’ve listed the 5 best sales funnel builders for you.

Truth is, you already have a sales funnel in place because you already have a strategy for converting your visitors to customers. The difference is that now you’re being intentional and putting in your best to make sure this funnel becomes standard and effective.

So it becomes a little complex than what you already have. Now, you have to focus on maximizing every stage of the funnel while reducing all the time spent on analyzing the data gotten from each step. This is where a sales funnel builder comes in.

What is a Sales Funnel Builder?

A sales funnel builder is a software that helps you create and manage an effective sales funnel. It does this by merging your existing marketing strategy together with several automated processes along the way. Usually, they take care of your landing pages, lead generation, and conversion process. So is getting one the right call?

Think about how stressful analytics must have been in the past. With the help of artificial intelligence, there is now software that helps you track the metrics gotten from each of these campaigns. We refer to them as analytics software. Due to the positive reception they got, software for other marketing areas was developed. Today, we have funnel builders in the market.

Why Do You Need a Sales Funnel Builder?

Imagine you had to be at an important meeting in a faraway location, would you choose to go in an air-conditioned car or walk there? The former no doubt because it doesn’t just provide convenience, but also improves your confidence and approach to the meeting.

This is why a sales funnel builder is important because it drives your marketing campaigns with ease to their destination. It organizes them in an easily accessible format and they offer metrics that are analyzed faster which in turn gives you more control. All your campaigns become tailored in a uniformed way. You’d experience increased referrals using a sales builder and all promotions equally become more targeted. It’s designed to significantly increase your ROI.

Implementing a builder isn’t as expensive as you’d imagine. They’re relatively cheap as a matter of fact plus there are different packages that offer various price range suited for any budget.

A sales funnel builder is an excellent choice for you if you’re a start-up. This is because it reduces the cost of getting a web and graphics designer. It’ll also significantly reduce the number of marketing tools you’d need because these builders come with their own inbuilt analytics tools, trackers and templates.

If you also have all of these, a sales funnel is also great. You just need to find the right builder that can integrate all your marketing tools. This won’t be a problem because a lot of available builders have features that’ll align with your goals. Third-party software inclusive.

Also, ensure to clearly define what type of content you’ll require for each stage of your sales funnel. This is because your builder has to carry out the exact functions you’ll layout. While some might be great for webinars, for instance, others might not.

We’ve compiled a list of the five best sales funnel builders suited for you below.

5 Best Sales Funnel Builders of 2020

1. Funneljoy

best sales funnel builders Funneljoy

Looking for a funnel builder that not only converts visitors to leads but also engages your customers through follow-up retention strategies? We’d recommend Funneljoy as the right builder for you. Here are some of the features that make it top of our best sales funnel builders.

Features of Funneljoy

1.  Multiple account management: Funnel Joy’s multiple account management feature grants administrative and managerial functions to the account owner. You can create several other authorized accounts for clients thereby creating a database system that is easily retrievable.  These accounts are managed based on the subscription plan. It’ll also be able to host a vast amount of content regardless. This means members of your team can collaboratively work on a project.

2.  Optimized A/B Split Test: Sometimes, to get the right sales funnel, you’d need to test two or more variations of a model. The split test feature comes to the rescue. Funnel Joy offers an easy way to do that by testing pages, headlines, videos and a host of others. This way, every detail is accounted for and you’d get a proper analysis of what is working better than what. You’ll then decide on which model to eventually stick with.

3. Performance Tracking: Tracking analysis is premium on this builder because not only does it offer detailed data like page views and clicks, but it also goes beyond that. You can track the details of each sale in your funnel. Afterwards, you then study what is working and where is generating more customers. The provision of heat maps helps you determine what area of your website is getting more hits and why. Plus, there’s an easy dashboard that is so simplified, it makes tracking cooler.

best sales funnel builders funneljoy

4.   Funnel Cloning and Sorting: This feature allows you to duplicate a particular sales funnel. It could be a page or the entire funnel. Also, you can convert a page to something else if you’d like or delete it completely.

5.   App Integration: Using your other favorite apps and tools won’t be a big deal with Funneljoy’s easy app integration. Without the need for any code, integrating your email auto-responder along with your other team tools is pretty easy.

best sales funnel builders funneljoy

6.  Customizable templates and easy editors: Funneljoy offers over 250 different page templates to choose from. Perhaps the beauty of it is that these templates are easy to customize. All you need to do is just drag the elements and drop them where you need them to be. Zero coding skills required.

7.  Pricing: Compared to other sales funnel builders, Funneljoy has the cheapest plans available for quality service. These plans are split into three flexible payment options which are; Pro, Work, and Agency. Each of these is divided based on features essential to each business owner.

best sales funnel builders Funneljoy Pricing

8.  Training and Support: With a dedicated support team and a weekly webinar series, Funnel Joy takes customer support to a new level. All questions are answered through the support team and the weekly webinars train customers on using features to maximize their sales funnel.

2. Leadpages

With Leadpages as a start-up or a small business, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a multi-purpose builder. This along with a variety of features make it one of the best sales funnel builders there is in the market.


Features of Leadpages

1.   Templates: The first perk is that Leadpages offers 26 website templates to pick from. This means that you don’t require any code to create your very own website. With over 200 landing page templates available, finding the one best suited for your campaign won’t be an issue. The templates are all very customizable and mobile-responsive.

Leadpages Template

2.   Load time: Another great feature Leadpages has is its fast load time. Your visitors don’t have to wait before seeing your products/services which is the user-friendly experience every visitor hopes to have.

3.  Analytics: There’s a site tracking feature that gives you access to information and metrics. This enables you to effectively monitor each stage of your sales funnel and every content in it. For instance, you’d be able to gauge the number of leads conversion and compare it with the previous or subsequent rate.

4.  SEO friendly: Every marketer’s nightmare is having a tool or software that isn’t SEO friendly. Leadpages grants you the option to choose the description, keywords and site title. There’s also an option that allows you to remove or add a page you want to be indexed. You’d be sure to get more site traffic.

5.   Payment plan options: Payment plans are divided into three types each suitable for various business types. Start, standard, pro and advance which offers monthly and yearly plan option.

Leadpages pricing

6.  A/B landing page testing: This is possible using this software so you can measure which campaign is better. The disadvantage here is that testing might be unavailable if you’re not on the pro or advance plan.

7.  Third-party integration: Integrating other software like Mailchimp, drip and convertkit are possible.  Although, they might not function as effectively as you’d want them to.

3. Unbounce

Unbounce is one of the earlier forms of funnel builders. With several upgrades and tweaks, they still make one of the best builders available in the market. Below are their biggest features that’ll help you decide if they are the right fit for your start-up or business.


Features of Unbounce

1.   Customizable Templates: Unbounce offers over 100 landing page templates to pick from. These templates are easy to customize to your needs with the drag and drop edit feature it has. Plus, these templates are proven to show high conversion. Asides from landing page templates, there are also 50 templates for sticky bars and pop-up ads to select from.

2.  Stock images: once you sign up on Unbounce, you automatically gain access to over 800,000 stock images on Unsplash. This also extends to fonts. There are over 800 fonts to select from. So design is a priority with Unbounce.

3.  Third-Party Integration: If you already have existing marketing tools and content management systems you cannot let go, Unbounce offers smooth integration with a number of other software like Hubspot CRM, WordPress, Slack, Gmail amongst a host of others

4.   A/B Testing: Unbounce offers A/B testing on all of their plans. This means you can always check which variation of your landing page has more hits or which is more effective.

5.  Extra security: perhaps the biggest feature Unbounce offers is its top-notch security. Security here isn’t just limited to your password, but also the device you use. This is accessible with the two-factor authentication it offers which is optional of course. Permission settings is also a security feature which grants you access to restrict each user to a particular function. Backups are also kept for each version of a landing page you create regardless of the changes you make to it.

6.  Pricing Plans: The payment plans are divided into three options which are the Essential, Premium and Enterprise. Each of these plans is priced along with distributed features suitable for every business.

4. Click Funnel

Click Funnel is one of the sales funnel builders out there with a variety of options that helps you create a proper marketing strategy. Here are some of the inbuilt features that come with click funnel

Features of Click Funnel

1.  Page Editor: Click Funnel offers a wide range of templates, fonts, style all available in its page editor feature. These templates are tested to generate website traffic and high conversions. It’s also quite easy to use because of its drag and drop feature. Implementing various elements are seamless using this builder.

2.  Builder recommendation: if you’re having trouble picking out the right sales funnel for your business, click funnel has a feature that recommends the perfect funnel for you. All you have to do is select the exact type of business or service you’re rendering on their page and they do the rest.

3.  Third-party integration: integrating existing third-party software is possible with click funnel. A great example is the auto-responder. It becomes easier to use both to optimize the best of your funnel and marketing tools.

4.   Actionetics MD: This is the upgrade usually displayed when you sign up. Actionetics is a means of creating a more targeted funnel that takes care of all the follow-up process with your customers. They replace the bots and email auto-responders you have in your previous marketing campaigns. This is a very useful feature because it helps with audience segmentation by providing a smart list which is grouped by certain activities they carry out in your funnel. It helps you resonate with your audience by personalization and follow-ups.

5.  Responsive design: Asides from its friendly dashboard, click funnel has a very responsive design that helps your website receive more visitors over time. It also has a fast load time regardless of the traffic your website gets. With this, you’ll have web visitors enjoying their user experience without worrying about them leaving out of frustration.

5. Instapage

Instapage is also a great funnel builder you should check out. Here are some of the features you should look out for.

Features of Instapage

1.   Optimized landing pages: The most effective content in a sales funnel is your landing page. Not just because they generate new leads for your product but because they also carry a CTA that can influence your profit margin. With Instapage, you’d create your landing pages by customizing several templates made available. The drag and drop feature also makes the creation process a seamless and fast one.

2.   A/B Testing: Due to the nature of several marketing campaigns, experimenting with other models is essential in getting the most effective design. This is why Instapage offers multiple testing options. An interesting feature is the heat map which allows you to know what part of your site is getting the most heat. Finally, there’s a very accessible dashboard that helps you monitor every activity going on in your campaign

3.  Multi-User Feature: think about the number of emails you’d have to reply to during a campaign. With Instapage, there is a feedback section where everyone can leave and read comments on a particular step. It also allows for real-time edits. This way, anyone who has access to the account can see all the edits and versions.

4.  Payment options: Instapage offers two payment plans which are the Business and Enterprise. With Enterprise, there’d have to be a collaboration where a plan would be customized according to your business needs.


Although there is a significant number of sales funnel builders out there, these five listed above are our best five. They are tested and optimized to get the best out of your sales funnel.

Remember, an effective funnel builder will only work when its features align with your goals. So do check out the features to find out which is best suited for your campaign at the moment.