On the back of Funneljoy, Pixeljoy is now on Zapier. And this opens the app to over 2000 other third-party apps on the app. It means you can now do much more with your branded and shortened links. What you can do, really, ends with your imaginations.

To do any of these, you need to create a Pixeljoy account, a Zapier account, and also have an account with the third-party app you plan to integrate.

Here are a few Pixeljoy <> Zapier use cases.

Create Pixeljoy Links for New Dropbox Files

When you create new files on Dropbox, you get a link to them. Sometime later, when you need these links, you might be tempted to go get a link shortener tool to either brand or shorten. Well, let’s help you do this on the go, as you create.

With this integration, you can create shortened Pixeljoy links for new Dropbox files. Just as you create them. The “New File in Folder” in Dropbox and the “Create Link” trigger in Pixeljoy work together to make this happen.

connect Pixeljoy Zapier

Create Pixeljoy Links for New Instagram Media

Are you bored of the boringly long, random links Instagram creates for your media? Then you might be excited about this. You don’t have to shorten Instagram media links on a link by link basis. You can create them with this integration automatically.

So, every time you create a new post, it will create a Pixeljoy short link so that you can easily share your post online with a shorter URL. Cool, right?

connect Pixeljoy Zapier

Create Pixeljoy Shortened Links for New WordPress Posts

Many times, your WordPress post links are not ready to share. Either they are too long, or not very presentable. Hence, you have to go through the trouble of manually shortening and branding every link. Well, never again!

This zap automatically creates a Pixeljoy shortened link for every new WordPress post. So, you have ready to share links at every instance. All automated.

connect Pixeljoy Zapier

Get Started

To get started connecting and integrating Pixeljoy with other apps, click here.

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