Have you ever wanted to create custom short links for your posts, ads, etc., so your link can transform from this “joyworks.io/blog/tips-best-landing-pages-facebook-ads/” to this “pixel.me/fbad“?

Or you simply want a branded URL that carries information about your brand firsthand. Well, you are in luck as Pixeljoy is one of the best solutions for your link shortening needs. Short URLs are easy to remember and raise immediate brand recognition if used well and gives flexibility usage-wise too.

Whether you are sharing links on social platforms or growing your audience/customers with other means of marketing, Pixeljoy is a powerful tool to help you avoid long URLs in your texts and create custom short links. Be it in a campaign or ad.

Pixeljoy is an online service that gives you a new and shorter URL that is easier to share or manage. It’s not just useful with social media, but also with email, text messages, and any other situation where a long URL wouldn’t suffice.

In this article, I will give you a step by step guide on how to make your own shortened link in no time. Let’s get started.

How to Shorten a Link on Pixeljoy

Even if you have never shortened a URL before, the process is very easy and similar on all platforms. And there are tons of URL shorteners out there but I can vouch for Pixeljoy because they have wider features and you can do a lot under one umbrella.

The basic process is to copy the long URL into the URL space, and it will give you a shorter URL. The exact steps are below:

  • The first thing you need to do is head over to pixeljoyapp.com and create an account.

This takes you to the homepage where you’ll see a number of options including the ‘Get Started’ button, don’t get intimidated it is actually quite easy. Simply click on Get Started on the page and register as shown below and you are in business.

The first thing you want to get familiar with is your dashboard where you create or brand your short links.

  • To create your first URL, click on New Link, and a dialogue box will pop up. Copy your long URL. You can do this by selecting the URL in the address bar and copy it. Make sure every text is selected.
create custom short links on Pixeljoy

Next, paste the long URL you’ve just copied to the URL space as shown above,

  • The Domain slot under the URL is how you brand your short URL. By default, you have pxjoy.me which will preempt your link with a bunch of alphanumeric letters that will form your short URL. If you want a branded domain, close the popup by clicking cancel or open another tab and log on to your dashboard. Click Domains and add a custom domain before proceeding to the dashboard to create your short URL.

Please ignore the above step and just click on “Shorten” if you only want to create custom short links and not brand them.

create custom short links on Pixeljoy

Make sure your custom domain is short and relating to your brand so users can trust your link. Ensure that your custom domain does not contain “http” or “https” and “www” or any slashes as these will be added when your short URL is generated.

Back to your dashboard, your new branded domain will now be available on the Select Domain drop down list, select it and proceed.

  • The next thing you will see is Select UTM, if you are a beginner in digital marketing, I would suggest you don’t bother your already occupied head with this. UTM is a tracking code for how people interact with your link and luckily, Pixeljoy has made this easy for you to track your link performance at no extra cost.

Basically, I will suggest that you should forget anything else and hover over to the shorten button, click it and it’s done.

create custom short links on Pixeljoy

You can then copy the short link generated and share it as you please and it will lead you straight to the page where the URL you shortened leads to.


In the event that you want to include the other fields such as UTM which is for performance tracking and Tags which is to enhance SEO, you can go to Dashboard>Settings>UTMs & Tags to create them individually.

Follow the same process to create Pixels for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, and Quora.

In case you are wondering what Pixels are, they are the same as UTM but for social media, a snippet of code used for tracking engagement from Facebook, Twitter, well, you get the point. The rest are technical stuff that may take you time to get familiar with, let Pixeljoy handle them.

Subaccounts on Pixeljoy

If you need to include your team, perhaps your social media manager or a partner, you can create subaccounts via the settings portal, go to Dashboard>Settings>Subaccount.

Create subaccount by clicking on the Add Subaccount button, fill appropriately and click on Add. When you are done, head back to Team on your dashboard, click on Send Invitation, fill in the person’s email, select the subaccount you’ve just created and send.

Add Call-To-Actions to Pixeljoy Links

Pixeljoy has other great features to enhance your online business. Your very first stop is the Call to Action feature which gives your users the power to take a specific action when they click on it, whether it’s a newsletter, promotional content, coupon or whatever you intend for it.

This is useful because it turns visitors to potential customers. You have two options here and it’s imperative that you pick the most suiting for your needs. The first option is, there are various templates for various purposes. Browse through the various template and pick the appropriate theme for what you want to achieve with the action button.

Once you are through creating a good layout for your call to action, just click custom and fill in the necessary details and boom! You have a beautiful custom call to action button. On Pixeljoy you can get to make it however it suits you.


The next is Analytics which helps you track the performance of your URL with different information on display to give more insights with feedback on how your link is doing. The number of clicks, the various locations users opened your link from, etc. It’s a pretty straight forward interface that you can understand just by going through the analytics page.


In a nut shell, link shortening can afford you a lot of benefits like:

  • In emails, long URLs can at times occupy two or more lines, which does not give your email a nice look in the very least.
  • A short URL also looks neater on a resume or cover letter wherever that may apply.
  • In most cases, text messages can’t take more than 160 characters which makes the use of short URLs important.
  • Telling your audience verbally the link to your page with a traditional URL can be unnecessarily tiresome compared to dishing out a shortened URL that can easily be grasped.
  • In all, a shortened URL is a solution where using a typical URL would be an issue.

Pixeljoy does not only make your URLs more presentable but also offers lots of features with the ability to integrate crucial parameters that impact your result but also gives much-needed information that provides a lot of insights as to how your link is being engaged.

As you can see, it does not take much to get your custom shortened link made and the interface is quite clear and easy to use. To get started, it does not cost you anything at all just go ahead, sign up and start enjoying the benefits of your own shortened link right off the bat at no added cost.

Other Questions About Pixeljoy

What is Retargeting and how do I use it?

Retargeting is the essential act of adding pixels, or piece of code as I’ve defined earlier, to your URL, so that when people click it and visit your website, you can serve ads to them later. Same way their data is extracted to make up your analytic data.

Retargeting is why you see e-commerce ads right after you view a product on their website or view their product display on Facebook.

Retargeting links can expand your marketing reach from simply creating awareness to making massive sales depending on your advertisement goals. You can use a tool like Pixeljoy to add retargeting pixels to your URL links and expand your custom audiences in and out of platforms like Facebook, Google AdWords, and Twitter, etc

How does Pixeljoy work?

Basically, when Pixeljoy create custom short links from your long URL, it still maintains the full address. When other users go to the shortened URL, they will automatically be redirected to the full address as the shortened URL is simply a shortcut to make the link easier to manage, share, or whatever you intend for it. However, 301 redirect which is the ideal type for optimum SEO is reserved for the paid plans, and speaking of plans here is how it works on Pixeljoy.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes. Pixeljoy allows you to create your custom domain right there in the app without having to point your DNS records to their app.

How long will the shortened URL be valid?

Your short URLs are valid as long as you keep an account with Pixeljoy. This is why you should use a reputable link shortener because your link is only functional as the shortener you’re using is still in business.

How Pixeljoy pricing works?

Pixeljoy services are surprisingly affordable considering all that is offered and there’s a place for every level of business. If you are an individual trying out the awesome features of Pixeljoy, there’s the free plan for you where you have 1 custom domain, 3 pixels to retarget your visitors and you can track your clicks up to 3,000 and lots more, all free.

But as your need to create custom short links increases, so does your plan. For a token of $19.00 a month, you get to upgrade to the essential package with 25,000 analytic strength, brand up to 5,000 links, 5 domain names, post videos on your call-to-action feature, and more.

You can further upgrade to the Pro pack at the rate of $59 or the Agency package at the rate of $119 per month. You can get more details about the pricing here.

Can I migrate short links from other shorteners to Pixeljoy?

Yes, you can! The first thing you do is to obtain an export of your link data from the platform you are currently using. Depending on the service provider, you should be able to see export on the page with your URL links as shown below.

Once you have the exported your data, click on the bulk import to load up your data.

Can I use Pixeljoy without a website?

Yes, a lot of social media online presence does not require you to have a website to handle your digital market. Hence, you can create custom short links without a website.

Can Pixeljoy host my domain name?

No, Pixeljoy gives you the freedom to use any hosting company of your choice like GoDaddy or Namecheap to host your domain name.

Can I Upgrade and Downgrade my product?

Yes! Simply go to your Dashboard and click on Billing. Click on Compare/Upgrade Plan button to choose your preferred plan. If you require further assistance, you can contact the care line at the right bottom of page and an agent will attend to you. You can also cancel an existing subscription on the same page.