If you’ve spent some time in the digital marketing sphere, you’ll probably be conversant with the name Clickfunnels. As a well-known brand name, you might consider opting for Clickfunnels as your funnel builder when creating a sales funnel for your marketing strategy. But take a last look at this Funneljoy vs Clickfunnels comparison to make a decision.

While this funnel builder is a good tool for building a sales funnel, you need to be sure that it’s the right software for getting the sales funnel you need in your business model. Find out if it has the essential features you need to create and optimize your type of sales funnel.

In this review, I’ll be giving you an overview of both Funneljoy vs Clickfunnels sales builders. At the end of this article, you’ll be able to decipher what sales funnel builder is right for you and your business.

Funneljoy Overview

Funneljoy is a sales funnel builder that focuses on providing well-optimized pages, forms, and all you need for an effective sales funnel from the lead capturing to the complete checkout stage. This software provides all these features for non-coders. So if you’re interested in developing other areas of your sales funnel and increase your overall conversion rates with zero code experience, this is the tool for you. 

Let’s look at some of the most important features of Funneljoy;

1. 100+ Templates and an easy to use editor

Since Funneljoy’s value proposition is all about building funnels for non-coders, the fastest and easiest way to achieve that is through templates. This is why there are over 100 available templates to help you achieve optimized pages, forms, opt-ins all without the need to code. All you have to do is replace the elements in the templates with those you have available like icons, text, and images. This replacement is possible through Funneljoy’s easy to use editor.

With the drag and drop editor, you can easily customize a template to fit into your sales funnel.  Also, in the editor, there are several features like embedding videos in two clicks, a countdown timer that creates a sense of urgency on each of your pages, or a social share button.

2.  A/B testing and Funnel Management

With the A/B testing feature available on Funneljoy, you can test variations of buttons, icons, other elements on a page in a funnel. This helps tell which variation is performing better than the other. Now, you can track how it generates leads or how it drives conversions. With this information, you can optimize those that haven’t been doing well enough.

Funnel management allows you to have control of everything that happens in your sales funnel. An example is the funnel cloning or sorting. So through this, you can edit, replicate, delete, down-sell, or move your pages in and out of your funnel.

3. Integrations

Funneljoy sales funnel builder

To adequately generate leads and follow up with them up until the retention stage, you’ll require a lot of tools or third-party apps. Funneljoy allows you to integrate with all of your favorite tools you’ve been using in your marketing strategy. Some of these tools are Paypal, stripe, Mailchimp, Aweber, and Zapier.

Since Zapier is a third-party integration tool that links you with over 1500 other tools, you have access to all your favorite payment, analytical, CRM, and messaging software.

4. Pricing

Unlike Clickfunnels, Funneljoy offers a more affordable pricing plan. These plans span across three options namely; Pro, Work, and Agency.

Pro starts at $29, Work $59, and Agency $99 monthly payment respectively. 

After signing up, you’ll get a 14-day free trial which you can opt-out from any time. Each of these pricing packages come with 24/7 responsive customer support, an auto-responder email integration, templates, page views amongst a host of other features.

5. Performance tracking

You have a performance tracker where you can monitor all stats from a simplified central dashboard provided on Funneljoy. Through page views, for example, you can glance at how many views your page gets in a day. Subsequently, you can compare this with the click rates gotten on the same page.

Another feature is the heatmap where you can track what area of your website or page gets the most attention. With this, you can further optimize other areas of your page to drive visits as well. Finally, you can tailor your data insights using the filter provided to zoom in on certain details.

6. Customer Support and Training

Knowing how unfamiliar using a new tool can be, Funneljoy offers an onboarding experience through an explainer video located on the homepage of the website. Afterward, you can choose to schedule a personalized demo at a convenient time.

Asides from the onboarding experience, you can also contact Funneljoy’s customer support through an email, ticket, or the live chat bubble. Plus, all these options are available and requests are treated as a priority for all pricing packages.

Advantages of using Funneljoy

  1. It has three affordable pricing plans
  2. Easy editor and highly customizable templates
  3. You can import external funnel pages
  4. Single management and analytical dashboard
  5. SSL certified
  6. One-click Upsell
  7. All customer support channels are available to all pricing plans
  8. SEO optimized pages for each stage of your funnel

Disadvantages of using Funneljoy

  1. There isn’t a WordPress plugin yet
  2. No affiliate program yet

Clickfunnels Overview

Clickfunnels funnel builder

Clickfunnels is an online website and sales funnel builder that helps you create and connect all the elements of your sales funnel. This tool allows businesses to achieve their sales strategy through its embedded landing page builder, sales pages, membership sites, forms, and affiliate programs all without the need for a pre-existing knowledge of code.

Interested in using Clickfunnels? Let’s see some of the features that come along with it.

1. Templates along with drag and drop webpage editor

Clickfunnels offers a number of templates you can easily access and customize. So if you need a really quick page without having to tap into your creative side, you can simply use one of the available templates. By editing the already placed elements, you have your own optimized page without hassle.

Whether you choose to use one of the available templates or if you’d prefer to create your pages from scratch, you’d need a friendly editor. This is why Clickfunnels has an easy-to-use editor that makes its editing process seamless. With a drag and drop, you can replace or edit elements of your pages easily. What this means is that Clickfunnels is a flexible tool that allows modifications.

2. A WordPress Plugin

This feature is particularly handy when you have a website or blog on WordPress. Clickfunnels WordPress plugin helps integrate your website to your sales funnel on Clickfunnels. All you have to do is simply go under plugins in your WordPress dashboard and search for Clickfunnels. Once you activate it, it’s automatically installed. The thing about Clickfunnels is that everything you need is on the software. So you might not really need to use this plugin in the long run.

3. A/B Testing

There’s nothing a marketer loves other than testing and finding out what variation of a page converts more. This is why A/B testing is important. With Clickfunnels you can test all pages and forms in your funnels. These tests will help show which area of your funnel collects more leads and which drives more conversions. Over time, you’ll be able to optimize the areas that aren’t doing so well.

4. Integrations

Clickfunnel integrates with both social, marketing, and payment platforms to help drive more leads and conversions through your funnel. These integrations include Stripe, Paypal, YouZign, Kajabi, Twilo, Shopify, Zapier, and Facebook pixel.

5. Pricing

Although Clickfunnels doesn’t have a free version, it comes with a 14-days free trial. Afterward, you can choose to activate or terminate your subscription.

This funnel builder comes in two types of payment plan. 

The first is the Basic Plan which plan is suitable for beginners because of its limited features. This basic plan costs $97 monthly.

The other plan on Clickfunnels is the Platinum plan which is designed for businesses that have a lot of visitors. This plan costs $297 monthly.

Advantages of using Clickfunnels

  1. Flexible for edits and modifications
  2. Easy to use sales builder
  3. It is SSL certified
  4. A/B testing and analytics dashboard
  5. An affiliate program with an accompanying training
  6. One-click upsell

Disadvantages of using Clickfunnels

  1. It is very expensive
  2. Customer support only prioritizes platinum plan users
  3. It can be overwhelming due to the numerous features available
  4. The website isn’t really user friendly at a first glance
  5. You’ll have to recreate your entire website if you’re moving from Clickfunnels

Funneljoy vs Clickfunnels Verdict

Clickfunnels is a great builder that several business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself have used and recommended. So if you have a little extra to spare, and you’re focused on joining an affiliate program, then you should give Clickfunnels a try. You have to be prepared to face a learning curve due to the numerous features the tool currently has.

However, after carefully analyzing these two sales funnel builders, I’ll be recommending Funneljoy. Asides from it being a cheaper option, it has excellent features suitable for both small and large-scale businesses. Plus, everyone loves having a helping hand. After paying an exorbitant price, you’d expect to get quality service from customer service. Funneljoy offers several support options that are all available to every pricing plan.

If you’re still conflicted on which sales builder is right for you, do try out a 14-day free trial or schedule a personalized demo on Funneljoy today.