A lead is any person who indicates interest in a product or service. As a large percentage of organizational goals focus on lead generation,  if you play your cards right, leads are likely to become customers and ambassadors of your brand.

Leads are part of the funnel that consumers follow right from the visiting stage until they become permanent customers. As such it is important to note that there are different types of leads based on how they are qualified and the level they’re in.

Lead generation refers to the practice of attracting consumers to your brand through numerous channels. Attracting consumers here means that you’re looking for consumers who fit in your target audience, have the means, and desires to buy what you sell. Lead generation marketing describes the process required to fill the top of your sales funnel and to nurture leads toward a purchase. 

Since generating leads gives you a connection to interested prospects, the first thing is knowing what your prospects want and effectively communicating the response to a high converting landing page. Growing leads will be easier if most of your attention is focused on syncing your landing page with your other marketing channels.

What is the Lead-Generation Process?

The lead generation process varies from business to business. However, lead generation often follows a similar process regardless of your industry or audience. Starting with attracting potential customers through lead-generation tactics, engaging your audience through email marketing, social media marketing, and other efforts.

You can go on to convert prospects into customers by presenting them with irresistible offers and then delight returning customers with continued offers and good customer service.

Simple tips;

  • Focus on Content
  • Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation and Conversions
  • Add Obvious and Compelling CTAs.
  • Use A/B Testing to Experiment With CTAs and Other Elements

Guide to Hacking Lead Generation in 2020

1. Review your homepage messaging

Lead generation hacks to drive conversion; review your homepage messaging

A number of marketers use their homepage when they run ads and this makes the page receive the most visits. If you actively promote your site, your homepage will be getting visitors from referring sites, social media sites, search engines, and other sources.

To ensure your homepage is passing across the right message you have to be consistent with your headlines and copies. And ensure that they are result-driven and won’t bore people out from your site. Another thing is to include big visuals in either video or image format that clearly explains your services and its benefits.

Next, have a bullet point that highlights the most important details. People don’t have the whole day to spend on your homepage, so they need to get the gist immediately. Including social proof that has a photo of the person who gave such testimonials gives your brand an extra level of credibility. 

2. Use Google as your login

Using your Google login personalizes your lead generation efforts. The convenience that comes with having details stored on trusted sites like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter should not be overlooked. 

It is an avenue as a marketer to create a flexible and simple signup flow. This will lead to the acquisition of more customers especially once they feel they are including fewer details on your website.

3. Use strong verbs to write powerful headlines to draw attention

If you dedicate time to crafting a powerful headline, there is a high possibility that your search rankings will improve greatly because you would have successfully lowered your bounce rate by giving your prospects more reason to linger on your website. 

Irrespective of the platform, whether it’s your personal blog or a social media network platform, and you expect your posts to drive leads, you have to ensure that your headlines contain powerful and strong verbs. By strong verbs, we mean the use of verbs that are specific, descriptive, and convey a direct message. 

4. Dedicate Content to LinkedIn’s Platform

Lead generation hacks to drive conversion; content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has its own publishing platform, that allows original content to be published for a specific audience that you follow and follow you. Sharing and publishing content like this is also a really great lead generation tool. 

You can either share the summary of content from a blog post and include a link that directs back to your website for everyone to continue reading. Another option is to create original content to be shared on LinkedIn as well. 

Doing this means you have to take your time and be more specific about the content,  but it is a great way to build authority on the platform.  However you decide to go about it, always ensure you include a CTA (Call To Action) that can encourage more people to drop their emails in order to get similar content from you. 

5. Link to your webinars directly in your content

Lead generation hacks to drive conversion; webinar.

A webinar is another great lead generation hack that can work in your favor if utilized properly. It is also a very relatively low-cost way to pass across to your audience, an important message from your niche. The problem with webinars is getting people to know and sign up for the webinar and you can encourage and drive high webinar registration by linking directly to it from all the platforms you intend to promote on. 

After this, getting people to engage during the webinar is another issue and the only solution to this is by ensuring that your webinar is very receptive and welcoming to engagements. Getting people to stay from start to finish is another thing, and for this, you have to ensure that there is an easy flow during the webinar and it’s caring everyone along.

Having the right set of people speak and attend your webinar also matters as it communicates trust. Therefore, can increase leads and sales. Irrespective of the industry you find yourself in, find the stakeholders and people who have created a trusted presence and rate a sense of belonging.

Be open and receptive to questions. Give value before adding charges. Create valuable content and then you can make an irresistible offer. 

Tips for Webinar Lead Generation

You can do several things to increase your lead generation results through webinars:

  • Always ask for email addresses during the signup stage.
  • Keep a list of people who signed up and did not attend, then send them emails about a subsequent webinar.
  • Remind registrants they signed up during later emails to boost brand loyalty.
  • Create webinars that are at least 40 minutes long.
  • Test different days and times to figure out the ideal timing for your audience.

6. Create an irresistible offer and syndicate across blog communities

Lead generation hacks to drive conversion; irresistible offer.

The ultimate aim is to get people to say yes to your offer at all times and for this to happen, you need to create a top-notch and high-value offer. A high-value offer coming with persuasion is irresistible to the right audience. The way your offer is perceived by your prospects will go a long way in persuading them to either become leads or not. 

7. Don’t Neglect Social Media for Lead Generation

Lead generation hacks to drive conversion, social media.

Social media plays a huge role in the lead generation efforts as long as you can utilize it well. It is designed for interaction, so with every engagement you make, you lay a foundation for a future relationship. 

Creating fun events like holding a contest or a giveaway are also great strategies for lead generation as they instill a desire in your prospects and endear them to your brand. Another option is to make videos for platforms like Instagram and Facebook that have the live video option. Going live online just shows to your prospects how trustworthy and transparent you are. 

Remember that for every content you put out on social media, you include a compelling CTA that your prospects can take an action on in order to get through to you. 

8. Keep Testing

Lead generation hacks to drive conversion, Keep testing.

If your lead generation efforts to move to the next level and convert your visitors, there is a need to continually test all the elements you include on your landing page as this is their first point of contact with you and your business. 

Take educated guesses on key channels you have noticed your prospects visit frequently, identify what has worked in the past for people in a similar business path as yours. 

Once you can figure out these things, the next thing to do is to try various methods creatively and test a variety of channels as well. You have to keep testing elements like your headline, subtitles, bullet points, call-to-actions, and more. You’ve got to keep testing before you can get it right and A/B testing is not negotiable.

9. Habits, not one-off strategies

The minute you identify what method works for your brand, you then have to make a habit of it and systematize the most effective of them all. Don’t dabble into them once or twice in a while. The reason for this is that once you create a habit, generating leads becomes easy from your place of consistency. 

People like to do business online with people that they like, know and trust to a very large extent. And these factors are not built on an inconsistent platform, you have to be intentional and consistent about them. Notice the methods that are working perfectly well for you and begin to pay off, make it a habit around the most effective methods and scale up on them. 


Building a successful business takes time and you will have to expend energy when it comes to lead generation. But you have to move out of your comfort zone to achieve results. You also need data-driven content to nurture your leads. Real satisfaction comes from what you learn in the process of applying these proven lead generation tips.