Research has shown that today the majority of website visitors are mobile-device inclined. This has increased the need for mobile apps because it is the fastest and easiest way to access your service/product on a mobile device. Because of how important mobile apps are, you’ll constantly need visitors to download your application. Hence, you need a mobile app landing page.

Now, since almost every digital business has a complimenting mobile app, getting traffic becomes a lot of work. Chances that people are simply going to stumble on your app in stores are slim. That’s why you need to create a well optimized landing page that’ll drive conversions.

What is a Mobile App Landing Page?

A mobile app landing page is a page that is aimed at getting your visitors to download your mobile app. Essentially, it’s advertising your app through a headline, value proposition and a call-to-action that leads to an app store. This landing page might have one or two other elements but it’s usually simple and direct.

Since getting a landing page for your mobile app is important for driving conversions, this post will be showing you how to effectively do that.

Below, I’ll be giving you some of the best mobile landing pages you can draw inspiration from. As a bonus, I’ll be showing you how to create yours with Funneljoy.

10 Best Mobile App Landing Pages

From their design to their individual elements, here are a few of my favorite optimized landing pages;

1. Reddit

Mobile app landing page Reddit

Even though Reddit isn’t as popular today as it used to be, its mobile app landing page shows us why it was at the top of its game. With a beautiful background image and an aesthetically appealing design, this page makes you feel like you can take on the world. Since most people already know what Reddit is about, it doesn’t dig deep in explaining what it’s about. It’s a very direct page that focuses on one thing only; getting the downloads.

Its CTA is clear and defined because you know what device you use. Hence, you know which applies to you. Finally, you have an insight as to what using the mobile app will look like. All thanks to this descriptive media it comes with.

2. Kuda

Mobile app landing page KudaBank

Kuda is a Nigerian digital banking app that uses a convenience mantra as its value proposition. From the headline, you’ll see that this is a thoroughly optimized landing page because it introduces you to the product. Asides from that, it leaves you curious enough to read more. Nothing sells faster than a free offer.

The content is direct and very comprehensible. It’s minimalistic design offers a calm aura as each element on the page compliments the other. It’s CTA is clear and defined ‘Get Kuda’ so you can’t miss it.

Kuda’s landing page media is an explanatory one as it shows you what the Kuda app and the debit card looks like. Finally, the bouncy effect of this media gives it that interactive touch. This landing page is one that clearly positions the product in a clear tone. That’s why it makes it to the top of this list.

3. Fitness AI

Mobile app landing page Fitness AI

Fitness AI is a fitness app that uses artificial intelligence to create workout routines for a user. What I particularly love about this is the positioning of it’s CTA. Unlike other mobile app landing pages, Fitness AI uses two CTAs placed in specific areas of its page. Finding the download link, can’t be a hassle on this page. It’s CTA has accompanying Apple icons with a label that connotes that this app is only available on the iOS app store.

Another great feature of this page is that the background images clearly portrays what the entire app is about. And that’s fitness. The media also shows you what a personalized workout session looks like just in case you need a little clarification. Finally, the headline and the accompanying content all explain what you need to know about Fitness AI without any complexity.

4. Mimo

Mobile app landing page Mimo

Mimo is a learning app for beginners in code. It’s value proposition is learning code in an easy and fun way. In this mobile app landing page, you clearly see how they bring this mission to life. There’s an interactive code assignment displayed as an accompanying media. I also love the concept of animation attached to the page as a girl smiling into her phone.

The call-to-action is also clear and well defined. Below, there are also star ratings showing how great it can be. The directness and simplicity of this landing page is what makes it to this list.

5. Tinder

Mobile app landing page Tinder

Everyone knows tinder. And tinder knows this. Rather than creating a headline and an accompanying text to explain what it’s all about, tinder leverages on its existing  brand awareness. This mobile app landing page is perhaps the most direct page there is. And with just three words, tinder tells you why you have to download the app.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words and this background image proves that to us. With several mobile views of different profiles, Tinder gives a heads up on what using the mobile app looks like. The CTA is clear and descriptive and once you click on it, it gives you the option of creating an account or downloading the mobile app from the respective stores. 

All the elements come together to create a homely feel on this landing page.

6. Aura

Mobile app landing page Aura

As a meditation app, aura provides that ambience of calm and peace with its landing page. Each element is out to provide this same feeling. And you’d see that the call-to-action is clearly based on the mobile device you’re using. 

The headline gives you this control that the rest of the content explains. Also, even the choice of words are optimized to fit into the display. Top left is also a logo showing that the ring light you see is actually the company logo. This is why I love this particular landing page.

7. Slowly

Mobile app landing page Slowly

Slowly is a mobile application that lets you meet and exchange letters with friends from all over the world. The one thing that makes this landing page to the list is the excellent use of icons. Each icon represents a value Slowly app is bringing to you. You’d also see an envelope signifying letters along with a hand and mobile device. 

Another excellent feature here is the witty copywriting for the headline. ‘Get slowly’ is interpreted in two different lights. The first is a prompt to download the app while the other explains that you make friends slowly. Really catchy I must say.

8. Apple Music

Mobile app landing page Apple music

In this particular mobile landing page, Apple seeks to get subscribers by offering a free trial. It uses actual figures and numbers of songs to attract potential leads. The call-to-action is clear. You either start or opt to learn more.

Asides from the offer and CTA, it carries a media that helps elucidate what using the app will look and feel like. The AirPods attached to the image also helps you create an imaginative feel of listening to music. This landing page is direct, simple, and catchy.

9. Roadtrippers

Mobile app landing page Roadtrip

Roadtrippers is an app created for meeting new people and planning trips while at it. One great element of this landing page is the value proposition of being the number 1 and ‘five minutes away’. This actually gives a visitor calculated expectations. It has an excellent font and it describes the service clearly.

The accompanying media gives you two views into what the app looks like. One shows you a map and Gps while the other shows what it looks like when you find a location. And of course, we all love a clear CTA.

10. Quibi

Mobile app landing page Quibi

Amongst the other movie online subscription services, Quibi is designed specifically for mobile devices. It has a very catchy headline that leaves you asking what this is about? But another glance to the body of the page, you’d see that it actually describes its value. With a very immersive design, all elements align perfectly to create a visually simulating picture. 

Going down, there’s a clear colored CTA along with a juicy offer. Everyone loves a freebie and Quibi incorporates this nicely.

How to Create a Mobile App Landing Page that Converts with Funneljoy

Creating a mobile app landing page with Funneljoy is actually one of the best things you can do for your campaign. This is because it comes with templates optimized to drive conversions.

A really great bonus is that these templates are really easy to use. They all come with a drag and drop editor that makes it simple to edit. Now while we can chitchat all day, let’s get to creating your landing page.

1. The first step is to sign up to FunnelJoy. If you already have an account, simply log in.

FunnelJoy Signup

2. Once you’re in, click on funnels. You can either choose to import an existing sales funnel by typing in the share code and a subdomain. Your share code and subdomain  will be available in your previous funnel builder.  If you don’t have an existing funnel, you’ll click on ‘Create Funnel’

Create FunnelJoy

3. You could choose to create a custom funnel or simply use some of the preset funnels available. There are a number but for this guide, we’ll be using a ‘Preset Funnel’. Click on it, name your funnel and give it a subdomain name on FunnelJoy.

Preset Funnel

4.  Once your funnel has been created, you’ll be redirected to create a page. This is where we create the actual landing page. Click on ‘New Page’. Name and save your landing page so you can easily retrieve or find it on your dashboard.


5. You’d be redirected to templates to select from. Pick one that has features similar to those you’ve seen from the examples above. You can preview these templates. Once you find the one, click on ‘Use This’


6. Edit the template to carry your brand colours, value proposition, headline and images. Once you complete and you like what you have, click on the ‘Save’ icon on the top of your screen.

Edit Template

And it’s that simple.

Check how your landing page is doing on the pages analytics dashboard. Here, you’d have access to all analytics like device, region, traffic among a host of others. If you want to do an A/B test, you can check which one is driving more conversions by clicking on the A/B test. It applies as well if you installed a heatmap on the page.


If you need further assistance with anything else, do feel free to click on the training section of FunnelJoy. You’ll have access to a ton of materials like files, videos, articles and a community. There’s also a dedicated support staff aimed at providing assistance whenever you need it.


Mobile app landing pages are going to become really common from here on. Because this isn’t the future, it’s the present. You shouldn’t be left behind. Create your very own landing page today using an optimized landing page builder like Funneljoy.

I hope this article was helpful. Let me know in the comment section below.