In a bid to look for ways to continually improve your marketing and sales campaigns, you’ve learned that sharing links is important. And no one likes sharing unnecessarily long links. So, you’ve extensively thought about using a URL shortener to help you create more SEO and user-friendly links by cutting down on the long ones you have. It’s why we’re doing a Pixeljoy vs Rebrandly comparison.

If you’re reading this, it means you’re probably at a crossroad. You definitely need to make an informed decision (maybe between Pixeljoy and Rebrandly) before opting for a particular URL shortener. And that’s the purpose of this post.

In this article, I’ll be showing you all the sides of two URL shorteners which are Pixeljoy and Rebrandly. Subsequently, you’d have extensive knowledge of both that’ll help you come to a decision.

Pixeljoy URL Shortener Overview


Pixeljoy is a URL shortener that helps individuals and businesses shorten and manage their links. Now links created with Pixeljoy aren’t just a string of generic letters and symbols. You get branded links that reflect your brand and domain name. It not only makes your links great for SEO but also for your users as well. 

This is because branded links are easier to share and identify. In emails, for example, it increases your click-through rate. For SEO, you can even choose to embed keywords in your links when customizing.

Another unique feature of Pixeljoy is that it doesn’t just stop at creating links. It goes further to retarget people who click on your links. So you’re not just creating friendly links but using them to trigger other marketing campaigns. Does Pixeljoy seem like it’s a package? Well you should see some of its other great features below;

1. Centralized Link Management Dashboard

After creating your branded links with Pixeljoy, you have the leisure to edit and organize your links. You can do this by adding a tag to each link on your centralized dashboard. With these tags, you’ll see that your links are easily retrievable and your workspace will be a lot more organized.

Another thing you can do with this centralized dashboard is editing or deleting the destination page of your URL. This is possible even when the link is still in use. And the best part of it is that you don’t have to send out another link. Also, you can create or import bulk custom links on Pixeljoy. If you need these custom links outside of Pixeljoy, can simply export them in a CSV file. UTM presets are also functionality you should try out because they’ll make your link creation faster. 

Finally, you can make or download your own QR codes for your branded links. With one dashboard, you can manage all of this. And it is all achieved with a zero need for code.

2. Traffic and SEO Redirecting

Pixeljoy gives you an edge when it comes to creating SEO friendly links. And it’s not only because you can add essential keywords to your links. It is because, after creation, you can work on where those links direct visitors to. An example is routing the destination of a link for personalization. This could be as a result of a visitor’s language or geographical location. 

Asides from personalization based on data and click, you can also redirect users to a specific page in a mobile app. This is referred to as mobile deep linking and it’s pretty rare to do this with a URL shortener.

3. Retargeting Pixels

One of the biggest features Pixeljoy prides in, is its retargeting pixels. This is no longer restricted to just websites. With pixels from Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Adwords, and Linkedin, you’re ready to do it. Simply add these pixels to the links you create and retarget your visitors to any of these sites when they click on it. It’s really that easy.

4. Tracking and Analytics

How you determine whether a link has converted or not is through constant monitoring and tracking. Pixeljoy knows this and implements a thorough analytics feature for its users. On Pixeljoy, you can track all your links and conversions using well-rounded metrics. And since they are GDPR compliant, you’re assured of properly collected and stored data.

You can also add custom tracking codes for third-party apps like google analytics. And these UTM codes can be generated using the Pixeljoy UTM builder. Finally, you can track your visitors’ interactions on the destination page with its conversion pixels. This way, you’ll determine conversion rates.

5. Team Collaboration

If you’re not a one-man team and you’re looking for something that can integrate all your workers seamlessly, Pixeljoy is a team-friendly tool. You can add as many members of your team as additional users and by creating a workspace, you can have folders that are only accessible to specific members. This way, you’re creating a work structure through a tool. There’s also an auditing feature in team collaborations that help you track what each member does in their workspace. Finally, with the two-factor authentication, there will be an almost impossible security breach or compromise on your team.

6. Customer Onboarding and Support

On the homepage, Pixeljoy offers an explainer video that gives you a tour of what using the tool looks like. Afterward, you can schedule a personalized demo at a convenient time of your choosing. This direct training is accompanied by a dedicated engineer all aimed at ensuring that your onboarding experience is seamless.

After onboarding, there are several videos for training along with other resources. An example is the support page that has answers to frequently asked questions. All of this is to get you started properly.

Subsequently on the site, if you need to speak to a representative or need assistance with anything else, there are available options. The first is a live chat on the website. Here, you can speak to a representative in real-time. Another option is through available tickets on the page. Through tickets, you can send a detailed inquiry and get feedback. Finally, there’s email support that has a guaranteed less than 12 hours response time.

Rebrandly URL Shortener Overview

Rebrandly is a custom link builder that helps businesses shorten and manage their links effectively. As a custom link builder, Rebrandly helps you create short branded links that are memorable. So, when a visitor comes to your website, it is easy to memorize and identify certain links. 

Since branded links are easy to recognize, it increases the number of shares you’ll get. This means more traffic for your businesses. Thinking about considering Rebrandly, let’s quickly drive into some of its features.

1. Link Management

With Rebrandly’s link management feature, you can edit and manage certain elements of your link. An example is the link destination page. You can edit this even after you’ve launched the link. Also, the management helps you create custom bulk links, export them, and even allows you to search when you need to select a specific one. Other great features include a fast redirect and UTM presets.

2.  Mobile App

Rebrandly has a mobile app that makes link creation and management highly convenient. With the mobile app, accessing certain information is faster. It is also available on both Android and iOS.

3. Analytics

Reading the reports that come from each link helps you understand what link is doing well and which isn’t. This is why Rebrandly has an analytics feature that helps you track and monitor engagements on each link. Equally important, these reports can be aggregated if you’d like to have long and combined reports that span for a specific period of time. Plus, they can be customized. There’s also an accompanying UTM builder that helps you create UTM tags for each link.

4. Teams and Collaborations

If you have a lot of team members, Rebrandly offers you a collaborative feature that helps you manage each member. Each teammate has a workspace that lets them be productive without it affecting another team member. Also, as a manager, you can decide to activate the different access levels. This way, not everyone has access to everything. Finally, you can enable two-factor authentication if you take security highly.

5. Training and Support

Every URL tool needs a customer support team on standby to help onboard. Asides from onboarding, you might need assistance utilizing a certain feature. With Rebrandly, you get an explainer video on the homepage. If you’d need further guidance, you can request for a demo. For hands-on support, there’s a live chat on the website. Also, you can send an email or send a ticket for further assistance on the website.

Pixeljoy and Rebrandly Compared

So, we’ve gone through the features of both products. I know you’ve probably gotten a little conflicted seeing as how they are both good URL shorteners. To help you arrive at a decision faster, I’m going to place other features of both tools side by side. Below, you’ll see not just the functionality, but other elements like pricing, integrations, and verified customers. Stay with me

Essential FeaturesRetargeting Pixels
Branded Links
UTM Builder
Custom Tracking and Analytics
301 SEO Redirect
Traffic routing
Deep mobile linking
Branded Links
UTM Builder
Custom Tracking and Analytics
301 SEO Redirect
Traffic routing
Mobile app
Pricing (Monthly)Free: $0
Essential: $19
Agency: $119
Free: $0
Starter: $29
Pro: $69
Premium: $499
Enterprise: Custom
Supported LanguagesEnglishEnglish
Chrome Extension

Chrome extension
+100 others
Available SupportDemo
Training resources
Dedicated support engineer
Training resource
Dedicated support engineer
Compatible Business TypesStudents
Small Businesses
Medium sized businesses
Large Scale businesses
Small Businesses
Medium sized businesses
Large scale businesses
Verified ClientsGoogle
Indeed +more

Pixeljoy vs Rebrandly Verdict

After an in-depth analysis of both worlds of Pixeljoy and Rebrandly, I’ve seen that these are two great tools. And after thorough analysis, I’ll be leaning towards Pixeljoy. 

This is because Pixeljoy embeds Rebrandly’s biggest feature which is creating branded links and also offers retargeting pixels which Rebrandly unfortunately, doesn’t have. With this edge, links aren’t just branded and SEO-friendly, but they are actual growth tools that will drive conversions from various platforms.

Another reason is that Pixeljoy has a Zapier integration. For clarity, Zapier is third-party software that integrates Pixeljoy with over 2000+ apps. Why stick to a 100 when you can have thousands? Finally, Pixeljoy has affordable pricing that seems a little low for the amazing features they have.

Seeing all of this the question is, Do you really need Rebrandly?