As a marketer, you probably have a landing page that has been capturing leads and driving them down the sales funnel. However, your sales page helps amplify all that your landing page is discreetly trying to say. So while your landing page does the introduction, your sales page goes for the kill. We understand the importance of this, which is why we have compiled some sales page examples for you.

Now converting all your leads to actual paying customers requires a lot of work. Picture using a single page to drive this conversion. Sounds like a lot of pressure yeah? But that’s exactly what your sales page should achieve. No pressure.

In this post, I’ll be showing you some of the best sales pages out there. You’ll see how each element comes together to drive conversions. These sales page examples will help you understand how to craft a high converting sales page. To view the full sales page, simply click on the links attached to the headers.

Best Sales Page Examples to Emulate

1. AdEspresso University

The one thing that catches the eye on this sales page is that you can’t leave it. There are no navigation links that can immediately take you away from the page. Except of course, if you close the tab. The options provided are either to sign up or learn more. This is great because visitors get an extra second to see exactly what the page is about.

Another thing I love about this page is how the CTA stands out from the rest of the page. Plus, the headline is clear and shows the major benefit of AdEspresso.

After the above-the-fold, the next group of elements clearly describe the benefits of using this service. Each benefit is clearly separated from the other and highlighted in a clear language.

Now, we know the next question would be is this all just to get sales? While the answer is Yes, AdEspresso answers these questions by creating a testimonial section on the page. Here, you get social proof of real-life people who have subscribed to this service and loved it. It reinforces a sense of trust.

Because it’s a long-form sales page that can easily bore a reader out, AdEspresso placed the pricing on several areas of the page. While this is a great strategy, do try to avoid this if your pricing is quite high. Except if you have a free trial, which will make a catchy start.

The only other thing that could use a little change is the vector graphic used in the above-the-fold. A human face might make the page a little warmer and reliable.

2. Tailopez

The first great thing about this page is that it adds a clickable mobile number. So if you’re visiting using a mobile device, calling for inquiries is just one click away. There’s also no navigation at the top of the page so it won’t be easy to leave this page. The CTA is clear and evenly distributed on the page.

Although the headline seems a little sensational, it is quite compelling. This is because it puts the lead in charge. Like you have the power to get what you want. The sub-headline also reinforces that this has happened before and creates curiosity on how.

An introductory video that gives you a summary, list of benefits, and the story of the founder makes the entire page feel relatable. Knowing how skeptical leads can be about these stories, Tailopez uses a lot of social proof to prove reliability. They also go the extra mile to show powerful brands that make up their clientele. Finally, there’s a money-back guarantee that squashes all possible fears a lead might have.

3. The Coffee Network

Now taken down, this sales page was created for the ‘Coffee Finder’ product launch. It makes it to this list because of how direct and clear it is.

If there’s anything the coffee network teaches us with this page, it’s that simple products don’t need long sales pages. With a short page, this product sells itself. All you need to know about the product is explained in the three steps outlines. The call to action is clear and not cliche. You’ll also see that the navigation that takes you to the homepage is located at the bottom of the page. Its headline offers convenience as a benefit and it’s clearly targeted at a specific audience.

4.  Thistle

Thistle's sales page

Thistle is a plant-based diet service that offers meal plans and deliveries. Another beauty of this sales page asides from it being a short-form sales page is that it is UI/UX friendly. Every element of the page works together to create this beautiful blend that makes it easy for a lead to navigate and understand what the page is about in one glance.

Moving on, the headline is direct and each CTA is easy to find with the distinguishing dark green buttons. The headline is both a feature and a benefit. Something you won’t get from a lot of other sales pages. An explainer video also helps explain what the entire page is about. This way, you can get a grasp of all the features and benefits of the product/service

All benefits and probable questions are answered on this page. And although there’s its pricing stated on the page, it isn’t all up in your face. The only issue I have with this page is that there are a lot of navigation links and other links that can take away a lead’s attention from the main goal. These other links aren’t as glaring as the CTA but maybe they could be a lot lesser. Asides from this, Thistle is one sales page you have a lot to emulate from.

5. Eat Fat, Get Thin

The headline of this page is one that’ll drive you curious. What do you mean by ‘forget about everything’? So it drives you to read more. It goes on to show you where there’s been proof of existence. On how it isn’t just a new brand but one that has been accredited and given recognition. You’ll see this from testimonials and recorded statistics. This reinforces your belief in the product.

Along the drain, it lists all the benefits of choosing this product. It does this by highlighting the problems and offering a faster solution. Then, it goes on to show the purpose of the plan, benefits, and how the entire thing works. You also see how you can make a plan work for you. Finally, after getting the features of the available plan options, it gives a disclaimer that airs some form of transparency. This way you know when it’ll work or when it’ll be harmful to you as well.

What you can improve on when creating your sales page is reducing the number of links and buttons that appear on it. Also, the CTA can do beyond the generic learn more or get started.

6.  Ruby

Ruby sales page

On this particular sales page, Ruby offers a 24/7 live chat service to businesses. The headline starts by offering the benefit of using their product as it clearly highlights what they have to offer. It goes on to insert an explainer video that tells you a summary of the entire service.

Below this, there’s a three-step flow on how Ruby works. You’ll see that it doesn’t use a lot of text that’ll bore readers at each point. After strategically placing a CTA, it also shows you a snippet of the video just in case you didn’t click on it earlier. This is a way of persuasion that’s presented subtly.

To further reinforce the need for this service, Ruby shows statistics gotten from their monthly customer survey. With this, you get to see the improvement gotten in other businesses when they incorporated this service. Finally, there’s a money-back guarantee which provides a sense of reassurance.

What could have been better about this page is lesser navigation links. There are so many distractions including the live chat bubbles on the right side of the screen. Although they are a way of making inquiries, you should consider minimizing the number on a sales page. The CTA also wasn’t distinguishable because of the colors and generic captions on the buttons.

7. Live off your passion

The first thing you get on this page is a video whose thumbnail is a happy smiling man. This exerts confidence and encourages you to watch it even if you don’t want to. Its headline also exerts this same confidence by encouraging its leads to do what they love. Every call-to-action button is personalized which is a difference from the conventional  ‘Learn more’ captions.

All the benefits of this service start by highlighting the problems and fears targeted leads might have. It then poses as the solution to this problem by further showing all the testimonials from real-life customers.  These testimonials are all detailed and relatable. Another great feature worthy of emulation here is the FAQ section of the page. Potential customers can easily convert by making informed decisions once all their questions are answered.

8. Jay Training

Jay Training sales page

While this sales page uses a lot of text to convey its pitch, each important and catchy phrase is highlighted. So it makes it easier to digest. The headline is quite personalized and offers you a personal partnership. Across the page, you get to meet the coach and see how he has put in the work into his body. So you clearly see what you’re getting. 

A significant part of the body text explains a grass to grace story of the trainer. There’s also a lot of emotional stories that make this struggle relatable. The CTA is consistent and clear all through the page.

This sales page highlights the benefits of subscribing to this plan while also putting in disclaimers that give an insight into what the routine will be like. To further increase the trust a lead has, Jay Training attaches authority badges from features he has received on popular fitness companies like Men’s Health.

9. PR Couture Prism 

PR Couture Prism

The one thing I personally love about the page is the use of euphemisms that makes it sound like a chat between two friends. This even extends down to the captions on the CTA. A guide on an overview of the courses offered in this training is listed, makes it sound fun to enroll in. from the tone, you know you aren’t subscribing to a boring course. 

Asides from the benefits you get after completing your course, you get firsthand stories through the testimonials attached to the page. Unlike other testimonials, there are actual names and faces attached to these stories. This makes it more believable because these are real-life people including the CEO, who you can picture and resonate with. It also attaches an explainer video and a FAQ page that’ll help you make an informed decision as a lead. Then there’s a disclaimer section that explains who this course is perfect and not-so-great for. So expectations are limited to what PR Couture can deliver which is great for every sales page.

The only thing you can swap out from this page is the navigation links at the top of the page which can be a lot distracting especially when your leads love to explore.

10. Fearless Art

Fearless art sales page

Fearless art uses this sales page to capture potential customers by giving out a waitlist. This strategy gives out a limited slot of 15 seats and so leads won’t want to miss out on this. Fearless art combines the benefits of enrolling along with the features of its workshop. Every text on this page is personalized and interactive enough to keep you going. The CTA isn’t also a generic one and it is strategically placed on areas of the page.

The testimonials on this page are limited to just the course director which could have had maybe a number of past students who benefitted immensely from the course. This sales page is unique in style and delivery which is what every sales page should be about. That’s why it makes it to this list.


I hope you learned a lot from each of these unique sales page examples above. Now although all of these sales pages are great, you’d notice that they aren’t perfect. And while they have certain elements in common, each style is unique. What this means is that it’s not about creating a sales page that has every supposed great element. 

It’s about creating an optimized sales page tailored for your marketing strategy and creating what works for your type of business.

To learn how to create your very own sales page using some of the inspiration you’ve gotten from the sales page examples above, signup for a personalized Funneljoy demo today.