Landing pages are the sites that people are redirected to when they click on your ad. It is important that the landing page clearly represents the company, product, service, or brand that is being advertised. 

For every ad that you create, it is important to create a positive ad experience, present the content upfront and clearly and make sure that the landing page you are directing people to is easy to navigate. There is also the need to ensure that the content on your landing page is relevant to your ad, directing people to irrelevant content or an unexpected landing page can create a confusing and negative experience. 

Clearly connect the branding (the look, feel and style) in your ad with what people will experience when they get to your landing page. For Facebook ads, your ad may not be approved if the landing page content isn’t fully functional, doesn’t match the product or service promoted in your ad or doesn’t fully comply with Facebook’s advertising policies. 

4 Factors to Consider Before Building a Landing Page for Facebook ads

Facebook landing pages

Some common factors you should consider include:

1. Aim of advertisement

People use Facebook ads for many reasons. Some for more likes to their pages, or more exposure, or many other reasons. Irrespective of the aim of your ad, you have to ensure that the landing page reflects the same aim that your ad communicated. 

2. Value proposition

There are many things you can offer to prospects who come to your landing page from your Facebook ads, whatever value you propose should be something that is of real benefit to your visitor while also related to your business. It may include free service/product, discount/coupons, contests, Ebooks, webinars, and free consultation.

3. Product/service: 

The kind of product or service that you offer plays a huge role in how your landing page for your Facebook ads should look. If you are selling a product then the landing page should communicate that. If it is a service you render, your landing page should be able to communicate that as well. 

4. Select your audience

Trying to please everyone who comes across your landing page for your facebook ads is the fastest way to please nobody. When you’re crafting your Facebook ad and landing page, you must have a specific audience in mind.

It is better to have a buyer persona that helps you create your ideal target. This way, your landing page has a focus to attract only your ideal customers.

Important Things to Customize on Your Landing Page

Facebook landing pages

Headlines: This is to show the benefits as your visitor must know what value to expect from your headline.

Clear copy: The copy on your landing page must explain your value proposition in simple terms. This is not the place to use industry diction that your customers would find impossible to understand.

Testimonials: This shows that people have used your products in the past and found it effective.

Social proof: You can include past clients you have worked with to show that your business is popular. 

Visuals: People process visual content like images and videos faster than plain text and you should incorporate this into your content to improve your conversions.

Mobile view: After adding these important elements of your page, enable a mobile view of your page so that you can have a mobile-responsive page. 

Tips to Build the Best Landing Pages for Your Facebook ads

Mobile friendly landing page on facebook

Running Facebook ads that direct people to a landing page is perfectly fine as far as Facebook is concerned. You just need to make sure that, like your ads, the landing page is compliant with Facebook’s guidelines as well.

1. Maintain good ‘Ad Scent’

The Ad Scent is what links your Facebook ad to your landing page. Having a good ad scent means having similar copy, images, headline, font, colours and language between your ad and landing page. This is to ensure that your ad looks & feels the same as your landing page. 

The idea is to make sure people feel like they have been taken to the right place after clicking on the ad. The last thing you want is for someone to click on the ad & then feel lost. 

2. Links that take people away from the page

Creating a landing page for your facebook ads without an external link appears to facebook like a dead end. From your landing page, you should be able to direct people to your web site or somewhere that they can find out more about you & your business.

This is a means to ensure that all advertisers are legitimate. Make sure you include a link on your landing page to something like your homepage, blog, about page, sitemap, or anything else where people can learn more about you or your business.

3. Include a link to your privacy policy

In addition to including external links, you also need to link to your privacy policy. If you are creating a facebook landing page for your ads now, you will need to include a privacy policy. The reason for this is that it explains to people how you intend to use and store their data as well as other details that would make them feel secured as long as they have to drop their details with you.  

4. Make sure the offer in your Facebook ad matches the offer on your landing page

For every ad you run on facebook, it is imperative that the offer on your landing page should match the one communicated in our ad. You don’t want to appear misleading in any sense and have your prospects run off because they feel they can trust your brand. This damages user experience, so you have to be careful to match the offers in both your facebook ads and landing page. 

5. Don’t include any content that’s banned by Facebook

As you have to run your ads on Facebook, you are left with no choice but to stick to Facebook’s advertising guidelines. One of the things covered by the guidelines is the type of content that is prohibited. 

It’s important to note that these guidelines don’t just apply to your Facebook ads but to your landing page as well. You should never include any content that is prohibited by Facebook in your landing page. 

If you manage to run the ads without adding prohibited content then go ahead to include that on your landing page, you run the risk of having your ads shut down by facebook. Another thing is that Facebook updates the advertising guidelines very regularly, ensure you check them regularly in order to stay updated every time you are creating a new Facebook landing page.

7. Make sure the page has no errors

The major errors are either from a bug or lack of testing and to avoid this, you have to ensure that you check everything and they are  running and working properly before you launch your ad campaign on Facebook.

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