An eCommerce marketing funnel involves the flow of an audience from a level where they are very doubtful about your brand to the level where they become your loyal customer. Like every other funnel you might have heard of, a marketing funnel has stages that are majorly divided into 3. 

eCommerce markting funnel
  • Top of Funnel (TOFU): At this stage, you have people that might not be actively looking to buy from you, but looking for information around a problem they are struggling with. 
  • Middle of Funnel (MOFU): At this stage, people have found a solution to their problem and are actively searching for a product or brand they can trust to solve the problem. This is where they start to actively search for all brands out there that offer the same product as you do. 
  • Bottom of Funnel (BOFU): Here, you have consumers who are willing to patronize you, but they want to be convinced that they are making the right decision. You will need to do lots of nudging to people at this stage in order to stay relevant. 

Why is an eCommerce Funnel Important?

Some customers might make their way down the funnel without any hassle and stay loyal to the brand all the way, but using customers like this as the benchmark is not a good thing. It is important to also keep in mind that there are certain kinds of people out there that require every care and attention they feel they deserve from your brand and if they don’t get it, they leave. 

As such, there is a need to optimize all stages of the funnel in order to cater to all kinds of people that will come across your brand, this will reduce the risk of potentials falling through the cracks and you eventually run out of business. 

There has to be a great level of understanding for the important stages of your eCommerce marketing funnel as it gives you great control over other campaigns you might utilize. For instance, you can decide to create content that is specific to people who need the little nudge within each stage and optimize the content to appear when your leads are searching.

7 Tips to Create the Best eCommerce Marketing Funnel

1. Create a customer journey map, place your customers at the center and listen to them

eCommerce marketing funnel

Creating a customer journey map means that you have a visual representation of your customer’s experience with your brand. It describes the experience from your customer’s perspective right from the very first contact, measuring their thoughts, feelings, and their emotions and ensuring they stay loyal to the brand.

Customer journeys capture each relevant touchpoint for a customer and it should be used to define how you communicate with your customers at each point.

To create a customer journey map you have to:

  • Define your buyer personas.
  • Identity possibilities for personalisation and data gathering.
  • Choose customer goals that align with your business goals. 
  • Identify appropriate channel
  • Brainstorm content ideas for each task.

When you can successfully do the above, understanding your customers and emotionally connecting to them will be your key objective as you have already created a journey that is customer-centered. It isn’t possible for customers to buy from you unless they are certain you can provide and attend to their needs and wants.

One way to constantly show them you are for them is by allowing them to share what’s on their mind, giving room for feedback and acting on it is very important.

2. Attract customers through social media 

ecommerce marketing funnel

At the TOFU stage, marketing is very important as it is the one that determines if people get to see your page or not. Being active on social media has a great advantage in this sense. About 90% of customers have claimed that social media created great exposure for their businesses. With social media, you can grow brand awareness, generate inbound traffic, improve brand loyalty, increase search engine ranking, and boost conversion rate as well. 

While focusing on running Facebook ads is a great idea, the ads in itself that promote your product isn’t enough, there is a need to create an attractive landing page that will inspire leads down the funnel.

3. Offer free and engaging content on your landing page

eCommerce markting funnel

Like we stated above, your landing page plays an important role in the general scheme of things as well. Your landing page serves to attract your customers and sell your products or services to your prospects in a way they cant reduce. For some people, content creation is the easiest funneling system as it generates large volumes of traffic, for others the case might be different.

With the right type of content, you foster trust in the minds of your prospects and it helps them move through your eCommerce marketing funnel easily. It is of great importance to know that the end goal is to create and deliver the right content, at the right time, on the right platform, and targeted at the right audience in order to achieve your desired conversion rates.

Consumers come to your website from all phases of the purchasing journey. Some are browsing for information, others are reviewing testimonials and some are ready to buy. As such creating customized and real-time content that meets each customer at the stage they are improves the chances of them converting.

4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies

Crafting great content is one thing, your prospects finding your content is another thing entirely. It is of great importance that you guide your prospects in their search for your brand, or better still, try to understand their online journey and leave your content where you are certain that they will find it. 

This is where search engine optimization comes in, creating a strategy for SEO should be with the aim of leading prospects to your targeted web page. To do this you have customize your strategy to;

  • Define your target audience and their needs
  • Categorise keyword research
  • Find gaps and opportunities
  • Know and define your competitors
  • Understand what your competitors are doing?

5. Use social proof on your product pages and optimize them

eCommerce markting funnel

When presenting your products on your products page, it is important to display some sort of proof that confirms that your products are worth the customers’ time and money. The best way to do it is by displaying social proof (customer reviews, posts, or helpful comments) on the product page.

After you have done this, the next step is very crucial, it is to optimize the product pages. That includes giving customers all the information they need, right from the product description. The product descriptions shouldn’t be boring, put life into it and describe how it would make your customers feel as well as detailed information about the product

Another thing you want to do is include a call to action button, this allows your customers to buy quickly and provide all the details where necessary for delivery’s sake. Ensure to keep your CTA fun, unique, and irresistible.

Web analytics is also another thing you don’t want to leave out, your product page should be optimized for web analytics in order to get qualitative results and answer all the “wh” questions that might arise during the optimization process. 

6. Introduce exit-intent triggers and optimize your checkout systems

eCommerce marketing funnel

At the stage of payments, lots of shopping carts get abandoned because that is a stage that prospects get really into their feelings because money now has to be involved. One option is to create an exit trigger that pops up a message to reassure or pass across any message of choice that you find suitable. 

Another thing is that you ensure to provide payment options for various prospects you intend to have on your page and ensure that you have an app that is responsive to different kinds of mobile devices. Make sure that it loads quickly (reduce the number of pictures), make navigation easier (align forms vertically).

7. Offer a loyalty program and promote it

It is important that you keep your customers loyal to you. It is an ongoing process that helps you create long-lasting relationships. At this stage, you can offer discounts and special offers for those who purchase more than once from you. You need to also promote your loyalty program so that customers know what they stand to earn if they are loyal to you.

Another thing you can do is provide the complete brand experience for your customers. Your business needs to look at strategies to enhance customer experiences and your brand has to explore a presence on more than one channel, or the several, that your customers are on. Make sure all of your visual elements, like your logo, tagline, and colour scheme, display the same way.

Consistency improves audience recall and it reinforces your story and minimizes confusion among your audience. Customer relationship management (CRM) will also help you focus on acquiring, retaining and nurturing customers by consistently providing positive experiences at every critical moment when customers interact with your company.

These touchpoints will offer your business the opportunities to maximise customer experience and build strong relationships. Businesses that provide extraordinary customer experiences are more profitable, have increased customer loyalty and are more liable to succeed where others have failed.

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