It’s high time you adorn your landing page with visually-appealing creatives that every visitor would love to explore. It’s one thing to have a beautiful page layout and catchy templates, the real question is does your landing page give enough confidence to take any action? Let’s look at why there should be a video on your landing page.

As the popular saying goes, first impressions matter. In this case, your landing page is your first impression when your ad or displayed text is clicked on. If you desire engagement, reach or conversion for your marketing objectives, It’s important to create a specific landing page and include a video with clear visuals with the CTA button (Call-To-Action)  in order to make your page visitors feel properly welcomed and informed about the services you offer. 

I know you are wondering if this article is for a landing page, video marketing, or the importance of videos in general, I’m glad to let you know that these roads are essential for you to know when to use videos on your landing page, so you don’t mess up your digital campaigns. 

Think about the phrase ‘Seeing is believing’. Let’s assume you are looking for a restaurant with an African feel to have dinner in your city, then you surf on google and search for the top restaurants in that category, you clicked through the first few links and an ad pops up and reads ‘Care for African Cuisine in our palace theme restaurant?. Interesting enough to click the ‘Get Direction’ button. 

Now on the landing page, it has the usual ‘about us, few nice pictures of the ambiance, and customers’ review; good, no doubt! Depending on the goal of the ad, however, it could have been better if the landing page has a video that gives a 360 video of the space that includes subtle music over it or an enthusiastic explainer.  

Before you think of directing your ads’ PPC (pay per click) or link clicks to your landing page, firstly, your business must be clear on the objective(s) for creating it in the first place before proceeding to page layout and design concept. So let’s get to the real deal.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page a visitor arrives after clicking a display ad’s CTA or tap on a google text. Research has shown that inexperienced marketers sometimes direct their pay-per-click traffic to their home page; this is an erroneous mistake any professional can make. Each landing page should be tailored according to a specific ad objective offering all the necessary information needed to take action. 

More importantly, what do you have on your landing page? Is it striking enough? Is it engaging enough? Is it humane enough? These are some of the key reasons why you should consider using videos on your landing page.

Benefits of Using Video on Landing Pages

1. Videos are universally-compelling

Video contents help people to connect easily by viewing an action being performed with humane features. By watching a video, huge amounts of information are conveyed in a short time. Videos tell a story with expressions, emotions, visuals, and sound bites. 

According to Optinmonster, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year and also concluded that video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness. Additionally, 93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media. The soaring popularity of video content has made YouTube the second largest search engine behind Google with 3 billion searches per month. 

Also, it has birthed several video social networking tools like TikTok, and Instagram Reel which has aided the brand’s digital presence. From the above highlighted, it’s quite glaring that video is the future of creative marketing.

video on a landing page

2. Video entertains and informs your prospects faster

More than giving visuals to connect with, a video landing page or a landing page with video is the best way to explain a lot of information in a short period of time. It can be termed as ‘a guidebook in motion’. 

Videos guide a prospective client or customer through a product(s) and service(s), breakdown intricacies, share cues- verbally and non-verbally,  explain intricate nuances of the product much faster and effectively than text could, even illustrate the advantages of using your product or service in a more engaging, conversational way. I’m certain this is becoming clearer as to why you should consider a video on your landing page. Stay with me while I walk you through more reasons. 

3. Video increases your prospects’ trust and confidence in your brand

Most people with purchasing power require more than sales copy to click on that ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Sign Up’ button. With strategic video production, it is more likely that your prospects will find a ‘selfish reason’ to take the action you want them to take. Also, it’s an avenue to share your brand values and expertise as regards to your marketing objective(s). 

4. Videos encourage social shares

People find it easy to share interesting, beneficial content and it’s easy to do so with videos. Social shares enable more reach and traffic to your landing page, this could trigger an increase in prospects and brand awareness. It is important to catch your visitors’ interest in the first few seconds of your video. This is the only way to catch your customers’ attention and retain it. Even if they aren’t taking action, they will help spread the message.   

5. Video ads do well among mobile users

It is no longer news that the number of mobile users is growing exponentially day-by-day. According to Pew Research Center (Global Attitudes & Trends), Today, it is estimated that more than 5 billion people have mobile devices, and over half of these connections are smartphones. 

Due to the ‘easy to move’ nature of these devices and the survival nature of humans, most people are always on the go and the best way to connect and reach them is by sharing mobile-friendly videos to reach mobile users. I hope you don’t forget to optimize your video landing page after digesting this article.    

6. Video contents cover the 3 basic advertising objectives

Speaking of the three types of campaign objectives in marketing, video is the best content that incorporates brand awareness, consideration, and conversion, without disrupting the specific objective it was created for if properly done. You can talk about your company, get link clicks through your ad, and also encourage your visitors to take the action you want them to take. Quite amazing right! 

Let’s say you needed customers to book your hair revamp service and you make a 30-seconds blooper of the actual video then you add a link to the full video landing page with a call-to-action that pops at the end of the video encouraging visitors to book a session now.  

Can you see how video helped you to transition from brand awareness to consideration and conversion? Once you keep your video creatively short, informing, and entertaining, your success is undeniable!

7. Search engines relate more with video contents

Google is the largest search engine in the world with over 75percent of the search market share, one hardly needs to introduce customers to google. With high-quality content, right description, and relevant information, you can get your targeted audience to click on your displayed ads and text. With video, however, there’s an added advantage; most search engines assign more weight to video content than to other mediums. 

With such advantages, video users tend to outperform their competitors who are not including videos in their marketing campaigns. Search engines are aiming to serve up the most relevant content to their users, so marketers who align their content to cater to what their buyers are looking for generally outperform those without such a focus.

8. Videos keep visitors on your page longer

The more interesting your video is, the more your visitors explore your page. I’m sure when some of us find a video with relatable content, we keep tabs by following associated links or subscribe if there’s a need to. 

The longer someone stays on your site, the more they become familiar with your brand. A video on your landing page gives viewers more time for your product offer to sink in, and to realize the benefits your offer will give them.  

9. The use of video allows visitors to spot solutions easily

A radio jingle or text will only explain through word of mouth on how your services provide solutions without showing the visual step-to-step on how it arrives at the solution. This is one of the greatest advantages of video over other means of advert. 

From the above discussed, it is glaring that marketers with non-video content on their landing page are not ready for the future of ad campaigns that drive real-time traffic and conversion. I believe you are no longer on that list of marketers and if you’ve been using video on your landing page, you might need to be more strategic and intentional about your production. 

Please note that not all ad objectives require a video landing page,  however, if you intend to entertain, inform, and show visually how your services work, then video is your best bet. Now, go make magic and hit that sales target.